Singles in Centurion with Armand Joubert – Wednesday, 27 April 2018

#2 Blog Post:  Singles in Centurion with Armand Joubert – 27 April                                                       

The Singles Dinner Club had an absolute BLAST at Beerhouse, Centurion on Friday 27 April 2018!

 We were, yet again, an amazing group of 12 fun singles and Beerhouse was a full house!

 The local Centurion live entertainment was brilliant! 

#armandjoubert…..oh, that boy can sing and he has such an awesome stage presence! A small town boy that came from humble beginnings to becoming a contestant on The Voice SA Season 2 has become a force to be reckoned with on stage.  He is a fresh, new upcoming artist and this young man is ready to invade the world with his music.

#murraydickerson, brand ambassador for Beerhouse did a brilliant job at putting together a great show. The opening acts included #rebeccaswanepoel and #refiloejohnson. The local talent he sources keeps getting better and better.  They are on fire!

A big thank you to #beerhouse for keeping the singles happy. We started the evening with a Firemans Yellow craft beer. Our dinner was yummy platters consisting of Beer Brined Half Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Smoked Spare Ribs, Hot smoked Chic Wings, Bitterballen, Giant Onion Rings, Slaw, Pap Chips – they are DELICIOUS and different, and a beautiful Chaka Salsa. As always we received great service!

It was so nice to catch up with the singles who have become regulars and so lekker to meet the newbies who were brave enough to join for the first time. It really is much easier to join as one imagine, isn’t it?

I do believe that it takes a huge amount of guts for most singles to come to my events. Especially alone. Most manage to drag a friend along so that it is less painful, but soon find out that it is only the fear of the unknown that caused unnecessary nerves. The nerves and adrenaline does make one feel alive though.

 As the hostess for the Singles Dinner Club, it has been very rewarding to see how the events has brought complete strangers together. I have met amazing people that none of us would ever have met if not for the events and I have made really good friends in the process too. The network of friendships that have formed has been mind-blowing!

 A quick story about last Friday evening…….

One of our single ladies who has become a regular had a flat tyre late Friday afternoon and didn’t have enough time to fix and replace the ‘Marie biscuit’ she was driving on. She lives all the way out in Sandton which is quite a distance to travel to Centurion for a Singles Dinner Club event. She really wanted to join us and was more than willing to use Uber if need be, but after I contacted our single gents who attended someone was kind enough to go out of his way for a complete stranger to make sure she could get our event. He went as far as taking her home after the event as well and I can gladly report that he was an absolute gentleman.

 Thank you so much! You know who you are.

 Two complete strangers, now friends. I it!

 The moral of the story….. Get out of your comfort zone and join us!

 Take a chance and put yourself out there. Get dressed up and arrange a group outing with a few friends if need be while discovering a new restaurant, meeting someone fun or perhaps even the one. If you like music it is a great way to discover new bands too. 

 If you bring a positive attitude and have a zero expectation vibe to find your person at the first event you attend, I can guarantee that you will have a good time.

 At least by giving it a shot, you won’t be left curled up on the couch alone wondering what went wrong while watching re-runs of your favorite series.

 There are loads of amazing men and woman out there and a lot of life to live! Dating in this day and age can be awkward, unpredictable, annoying, a lot of nervous effort and very tough, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead, let it be an exciting, empowering, serendipitous, adventurous and fun experience!








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