What is the Singles Dinner Club About?

#1 Blog Post: What is the Singles Dinner Club About?

This is officially my first Singles Dinner Club blog post! I am super excited to share my life as the hostess of the Singles Dinner Club with you. Perhaps a few personal stories that led me to this point too. I have always loved writing but never thought that becoming a blogger would be the platform I would use to share my stories. This is a new, scary and exciting venture for me, but one that I look forward too. Since I am new at this, I will be shooting from the hip and learn as I go. I suppose it is very much the way I have been doing things since the day I took my first breath. Lol.

By now you I am sure you have figured out that I host the Singles Dinner Club events. Yes, I use to date! True story, but I was SO not ready for the reality of dating in my late 30’s never mind 40’s!

It may seem a little extreme to go from dating to hosting Singles Dinner Club events, but there was a method to my madness.

I have been asked many times why I decided to start hosting the Singles Dinner Club events and the first answer is very simple….The crazy dating scene!

I can tell you a few mind-blowing personal stories and I will in time. Sadly, I was thrilled to find while hosting events that I was not the only one with crazy dating stories. I found that the consensus amongst singles was that the dating scene was extreme, nerve wrecking, disrespectful and just beyond anything one ever would ever have imagined. Social media has definitely changed the dating game!!!

The first dating app I tried was Tinder. A close friend introduced me to it in 2015 and I soon started dating someone I met through Tinder. The relationship lasted for the better part of a year but was not meant to be. Recovering from the relationship it took longer than expected as it was my first serious relationship after the brutal ‘failure’ of divorce, but I got back on the horse and decided to try Tinder again in 2017. It was after the third Tinder date that I decided I was done with the pressure of one on one dating. I saw a huge shift in the dating scene in two short years. It was scary as hell! I did not enjoy feeling like a potential hook-up!

I often found myself feeling rejected or seeking instant validation from Tinder or someone to talk to after a long, lonely day. What I struggled with most was the fact that I felt judgmental of others while swiping left or right. I didn’t like what the technosexual era was doing to me. To us!

I found that dating apps like Tinder created a false sense of reality and that people weren’t always who they appeared to be. I almost got “catfished” but the “catfisher” was “catfished” by me! That’s another story I will definitely share!

Besides running the risk of suffering from low self-esteem because of the lack of mutual likes from the opposite sex the confusion of where your “relationship” stands after the first date was just too much for me to try and figure out. In fact, it was draining. Talking to more than one person at a time on Tinder became tiring and it soon started feeling like a part-time job. Never mind the amount of data used! Lol

What I did learn while trying out the dating scene and speaking to my single friends was that everyone had the same problem…… Where do you meet other single people? Meeting other singles outside your immediate group of friends, work, church etc. is by no means an easy task!

As an entrepreneur who enjoys socializing, entertaining and someone who has a heart for people I saw a gap in the market and took it.

I started hosting Singles Dinner Club events in June 2017 and now host in various parts of Johannesburg as well. Our group keeps growing and I have met the most amazing people! I hope to be hosting in Cape Town and Durban soon as I have been asked to bring the Singles Dinner Club to all the major cities in South Africa. What an honor!

I created the Singles Dinner Club as a social networking club for single people that helps YOU to meet other singles in real life, without the pressure of an awkward one on one Tinder dates or pretentious speed dating situations. My events create an opportunity for you to have a fun, relaxing evening out in a SAFE environment where you can be yourself without the pressure of dating.

The Singles Dinner Club is NOT a dating agency, speed dating service, matchmaking service, swingers club or anything of a sexual nature.

Dinners are hosted weekly at various venues in Centurion and Johannesburg. The dress code is smart casual.

Not only will you meet amazing people but you will make good friends, network and just maybe meet that someone special but I aim to ensure that a good fun evening out with good food and company is had by all.


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